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New Eco-friendly packaging and HALF-SIM CARDS to protect the environment!

Mobile operators are increasingly looking at environment issue, the main telecommunication companies have progressively announced corporate strategies that embrace circular economy, recycling, and plastic use reduction. As a consequence, the use of HALF-SIM Cards, which use 50% less plastic, is increasing.
To meet this new market need, Publicenter has developed eco-friendly packaging solutions designed specifically for the new HALF-SIM format.
The solution includes the inkjet personalization and the application of scratch-off.
Two different types of eco-sustainable packaging. Both solutions are made of PLA, a biodegradable and compostable material, derived from the transformation of sugars present in natural and renewable materials, such as corn, beetroot, etc. ..



In addition, it is possible to insert FSC-certified cardboard leaflets inside the packages, which may have different sizes depending on the communication needs.
The flow-pack and flat-pack solutions are also available in polypropylene and can also be made on the traditional CR80 card format and on the letter format.
The solution is completed by the application of an adhesive label with variable data on the sleeve.

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The new, more sustainable solutions have been designed to support mobile operators in satisfying subscribers who are more attentive to environmental issues, and in achieving their overall corporate responsibility goals for sustainability more easily.