Public Administration & Health Care


Publicenter assists numerous government agencies in different nations in creating government cards such as identity cards, driving licenses and health care cards, offering a wide range of solutions and services.

Issuing government identity cards is an extremely complex process that starts with the choice of material and the security features, moving on to the handling of data through encryption and then, the personalization of the ID pass card, culminating in fulfilment and shipping. For these processes, Publicenter has the experience and know-how of a company that has been operating for decades on an international level of smart card manufacturing, assisting government agencies in different countries.

In the government sector, the request for a custom ID card can be for over 10 years, so when creating the card body, Publicenter uses high quality materials such as polycarbonate (PC) that is longer-lasting and can withstand all kinds of manipulation. When combined with right personalization techniques and security features, it guarantees maximum protection against counterfeiting of identity cards, driving licenses and health care cards.

The cards have many applications in the health, public and private sectors as well. The efficiency of hospitals and research centres works on the features of the respective identification systems: personnel, patients, researchers and laboratory technicians must be able to be identified quickly.

Publicenter creates a varied range of cards for this purpose in order to cover all possible uses: health care cards, service cards, ID badges for patients and operating personnel.


  • Electronic ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • National service cards
  • Health cards
  • Regional service cards
  • Tax codes
  • ID cards for the senior citizens or pensioners, military, immigrants, disabled...
  • Health cards or social care cards
  • Access cards to historic centres or limited traffic areas
  • Certificates in general
  • Cards for exemption from medical charges
  • ID cards for patients...
  • ID badges for hospital personnel, researchers, laboratory technicians...
  • Cards with useful phone numbers or emergency numbers
  • Donor cards
  • Access cards for hospital wards, analysis laboratories, thermal centres...
  • Gadget cards for making note of appointments and times