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R-PVC card: the importance of the culture of recycling

PVC is the most widely used plastic material, if improperly abandoned in the environment, it takes many years to degrade. Not surprisingly, most of the wastes that pollutes our parks, seas, and public area arise from plastic. To counter this trend, it is important to understand and promote the value of recycling, helping a renewed use of this material. Plastic recycling is synonymous with a responsible ecological attitude in the face of the constant decrease in fossil fuels, and the significant savings in terms of energy economic and ecology.

With recycling, the nature cycles are reproduced, moving from a system that sees waste "as something to be thrown away " to a cyclical and virtuous scheme where waste becomes a resource. In addition, by recycling the use of raw materials taken from nature is also reduced, saving energy and water consumption, with a consequent reduction in the ecological footprint.

Publicenter offers its contribution not only by promoting the practice of recycling plastics within the company areas and in the production cycle, but also by promoting the use of card made of recycled materials. Fresh from the success of the recycled PET-G (R-PETG), Publicenter is now offering a new card made entirely of recycled PVC (R-PVC).

The card is made of 100% post-consumer R-PVC, in other word from products that have reached the end of their life cycle. After being harvested, these products are subjected to a process of selection, washing and reduction into pellets, which will be used to give life to a new product, in this case a card.

First-use PVC, and 100% R-PVC, are recyclable materials that can be reused countless times.

The R-PVC used by Publicenter is UL certified and it is comparable to traditional PVC in terms of printing quality and durability. The R-PVC is suitable for all card applications.

PVC Recycling Process Explained in a Video click here

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