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Publicenter introduces the ECO CARD a new cardboard-based card, eco-friendly and resistant

Publicenter is pleased to introduce the Eco Card a card completely made of cardboard. This material has been in use around the world for applications such as phone cards, and is now being increasingly used for retail applications like gift cards and loyalty cards. There are a variety of factors that have prompted this shift. First and foremost, the higher performing qualities that this material offers. It grant high durability with varnish finish and allow for different types of personalization or magnetic stripe. Secondly, an ever-growing tendency of going green, companies are increasingly abandoning the use of PVC, opting for materials with a low environmental impact.


Quality and reliability The latest generation of paper-based cards has excellent physical qualities which assure long lasting versatility. The neutral white tone makes them suitable for any type of printing.
Ecological For retailers seeking a sustainable alternative to PVC, paper-based cards are an excellent choice as for recyclability or FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC certification ensures that the wood-paper chain respects the current management standards of forestry resources.
High Quality Personalization Often times cards have to be personalized with variable data (account numbers, PIN numbers, scratch-off, bar codes, etc.) the high quality material allows thermographic printing as well as ink-jet DoD.
Magnetic Stripe Application Cards can be equipped with magnetic stripes for data management, just like PVC cards.