About us

Over forty years of experience in card production

Publicenter is leading card manufacturer offering ultimate solutions for commercial and related fields. We represent the highest quality in manufacturing and personalization of cards including printing on special materials being one of the key card manufacturers on European market. A profound knowledge of the product, on-going investment to improve process technology and quality standards as well as wide, well-organized distribution network made Publicenter the only smart card manufacturer able to offer complete solutions that are always a step ahead, covering not only card making, but also innovative products and specific B2B and B2C services.

The services offered by Publicenter start with design studio, card manufacturing and personalization, continuing with fulfillment and delivery.

With its headquarters in Bologna, Publicenter is a smart card company covering a complete set of industries: banks and insurance companies, retail and large supermarket chains, government institutions, authorities, telecommunications, schools and public offices, hotels, associations, clubs, etc.