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Bank and Financial Cards

EVM and RFID card production for financial sector


EVM card production for banking organizations and financial institutions requires high levels of technical expertise, ability and skill. As a leading company in credit card production, Publicenter represents new standards for banking cards with dual interface, RFID, EVM, biometric and more technologies for financial sector.

Experience and know-how developed over thirty made Publicenter one of the most important companies in the field of quality RFID card production, collaborating with a large number of Italian and European clients in financial sector.

The new, state-of-the-art factory certified by Visa and MasterCard is one of the biggest and most technologically advanced in Europe, manufacturing million of EVM cards each year!

Publicenter has the ability to compete globally in the increasingly complex and dynamic market for payment systems with custom prepaid cards ensured with highest level of service.

Our quality standards and long experience in the credit and prepaid card production made us a leading company supporting and assisting financial institutions with latest technologies including EMV-card compliant payment systems, dual interface cards including value-added payment solutions like biometric card.

The new range of eco-friendly materials proposed by Publicenter, which includes materials such as recycled Pet-G and recycled PVC, also makes it possible to make cards with a lower environmental impact.

To give added security to bank cards with RFID/NFC technology, Publicenter offers CARD SECURITY SLEEVE, a protective cover that protects the card from unauthorized attempts to access the data stored inside. Download the brochure >>


Publicenter, with its own banking cards production factory, product portfolio and comprehensive services, can provide full support for:

  • credit/debit cards in full compliance with the EMV card standards from Visa and MasterCard
  • RFID card production for contactless payments also in compliance with EMV standards
  • personalization of banking card through embossing, infilling, thermal transfer, etc.
  • activation of dual interface cards with contact and contactless microchips, and encoding of magnetic stripes
  • custom prepaid cards production
  • production of prestigious card carriers (packaging and mailing)
  • creative fulfilment
  • logistics services: handling of distribution.