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Scratch Cards and Fulfilment of SIM Cards

Pay-TV, fulfilment SIM and phone cards


Consistently working with some of the largest and most successful telecommunication companies worldwide, Publicenter has gained high experience as leading company in manufacturing of custom scratch cards. Our expertise extends to production of phone cards, pay-TV cards, multi-vouchers, fulfilment SIM and other types of telecom cards.

In addition, Publicenter offers a broad range of prepaid cell phone top-up cards for various applications including subscriptions, pay TV, prize competitions and much more.

Ideal for direct marketing initiatives, mailings or handouts, custom scratch cards represent unique way to promote your brand, remaining an incisive marketing tool. They generate excitement and create a buzz that sets them apart from standard marketing pieces.

Perfect blend of technological solutions, research and project management by design department allows fast and high-quality manufacturing of phone and  Pay TV cards, SIM card fulfilment, packaging and mailing services followed by national and international logistics with highest levels of security and efficiency. Thanks to high-speed equipment and robust auditing processes, our company has the capability and capacity to deliver projects on time, every time to a very high-quality standard

Publicenter has developed the most advanced technologies for managing data of your scratch phone cards in a secure environment, becoming one of the most prominent international leaders in the market, with the ability to meet the most demanding needs and to produce any kind of personalized prepaid or pay-TV cards.