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PUBLICENTER scores SILVER rating on EcoVadis audit for its Corporate Social Responsibility programs

In an attempt to create a transparent view of operations to the eyes of our partners and clients, Publicenter has subjected itself to the evaluation criteria put forward by the EcoVadis platform.

The parameters applied concern environmental issues, social and ethical issues and extends itself to the supply chain. Publicenter already puts emphasis on the above stated themes and issues, and has been prized with the “SILVER” grade of recognition.

Publicenter obtained the certification at the end of 2014, and is currently ranked in the top 30% of performers in its industry evaluated by Eco Vadis, a select percentage of companies that operate more responsibly.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the manifestation of the will to consolidate social and ecological goals with our business practices, activating the concept of continuous development striving for sustainability in every aspect of our business. Responsibility towards our partners and the environment, not to mention sustainability, are part of Publicenter’s philosophy; these concepts are fundamental in all its practicesEcoVadis 1