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Publicenter introduces its new eco-friendly payment card made with Recycled PET-G!

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Publicenter is taking another step forward in its commitment towards an increased environmental sustainability with the launch of the new eco-friendly payment card made with Recycled PET-G obtained from the recovery and recycling of post-industrial material. The new payment card, which is a dual interface card that can operate in both contact and contactless mode, is EMV® (Visa and Mastercard) compliant and suitable for credit and debit payment application.

The new payment card is made of up to 98% of recycled material, the remaining are non-plastic components such as the chip and the RFID antenna.

Recycling is a way to turn products into different, yet usable products, keeping more waste out of the environment. The use of raw materials like R-PET-G fully commits to circular economy guidelines: do not create new plastic, use the existing one.

With a big push for green products and for companies to be environmentally friendly, recycling and sustainability are becoming also important issues for banks and financial institutions. That's why Publicenter who has already featured many projects using R-PET-G for the Retail Sector, is now offering this new eco-friendly product fully tailored to the Financial Sector needs, a further commitment to help companies to reduce their environmental footprint.