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Decorative texture for cards that stand out of the crowd!

Cards are increasingly popular and used in our daily life. All of us have many cards in our wallets, from our favorite shops and supermarkets loyalty cards, payment cards, to identification documents. In a daily routine where different cards are used and apparently all of them may seem interchangeable, brands increasingly need to stand out, even in the choice of the card that represents them.

With the desire to offer an increasingly complete range of solutions to its customers, Publicenter has always been attentive to the research and development of new materials, effects and finishes that separately or combined with each other make unique and unforgettable cards.

With this in mind, Publicenter has developed a new range of decorative textures that enrich the already existing Card Experience line.

ORANGE PEEL, BRUSHED METAL, LEATHER, HONEYCOMB these are the available effects.


The card is enriched with an amazing tactile and visual effect that lead back to materials and geometries of our daily lives. By touching the card you will recognize the materials represented: the brush of metal, the wrinkled orange peel, the relief of crocodile skin or of a honeycomb.

The effect is applied to the entire surface of the card, ensuring uniformity and continuity of the texture.

Particularly suitable for the retail sector in the creation of loyalty cards, gift cards, guarantee cards, membership cards and much more.

Choose the effect most in line with your brand to add value and recognition to your cards.