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Publicenter and X-Tag have developed the new X-Tag RFID for ID and access control

We are excited to introduce our latest product for identification: the new X-Tag RFID for access control made of plastic material.

The X-Tags, embodying the iconic military design, have always been a much-loved fashion accessory, and now they are also available with RFID technology. The compact and lightweight design (only 28,7x51,2 mm) makes them a perfect accessory for modern identification needs.

To protect and ensure greater durability, the tag can be equipped with a plastic cover, better known in the military field as a silencer. Adding the cover can be useful if you want to hang the tag on a keychain or another device, subjecting it to frequent stresses.

They are available with HF (High Frequency) RFID technologies operating at 13.56 MHz, in the most common module types.

Advantages of the compact design

Compact and manageable, they offer an effective and secure solution for a wide variety of applications. The compact size of X-Tag provides a significant space advantage compared to other tools. This makes them perfect for attaching to keychains, bags, or other devices. Users can carry them effortlessly, ensuring convenient access.


Events and conferences: The compact design makes X-Tag ideal for events and conferences where participants need quick access to different areas.

Access control: Whether it's buildings, parking lots, time-limited access areas, or secure facilities, X-Tag offers a compact and efficient solution for managing people's access.

Association and loyalty programs: X-Tag is perfect for association or loyalty programs, where users can conveniently carry it in their wallet or on their keychain.

X-Tag with RFID technology represents a valid alternative to traditional access control solutions. With a design reminiscent of military tags and features that ensure security and convenience, X-Tag is a compact and easy-to-use tool for access control. Compact, durable, and feature-rich, these tags offer a revolutionary solution for a wide range of applications.

Elevate your access control experience with X-Tag today!