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Publicenter introduces STONE CARD the card made of Mineral

Environmental sustainability is necessary in today’s world, especially for manufacturing companies. The man-made impact on the environment is becoming heavier and heavier as time passes, it is necessary to re-think the way we live and produce goods, favoring products and production processes that are respectful of the environment. Large companies are constantly attempting to decrease their carbon footprint when producing goods, continuously researching sustainable alternatives.

Publicenter responds to the needs of numerous companies that have decided to reduce or even eliminate the use of PVC, by offering a valid alternative that adds to the variety of green products already offered: STONE CARD, a card derived from minerals.

STONE CARD is an alternative product obtained from a mineral composite attained by combining a natural material such as chalk, its main ingredient, about 60% of its composition, and HDPE (high density polyethylene)

What makes this product so innovative is that it’s material and production is sustainable, using materials found in nature, and allowing to obtain a product that can be easily recycled once the product has reached its life cycle

STONE CARD is in fact a mostly composed of natural materials, it is reusable, and its productive process requires a low fuel consumption and does not necessitate the use of water for its production.

The innovative material used to create STONE CARD, constitutes a valid alternative to PVC in terms of performance as well as cost. Production processes such as printing and lamination can be compared to PVC, and is ideal for anyone that wishes to attain gift cards, membership cards, and more, using a material that does not contain PVC.

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