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Secure your credit card or RFID card from data theft!

Dual interface credit cards use RFID/NFC technology. They differ from traditional cards, which feature magnetic stripe or microchip technology, as they do not need to touch the card reader, but they work simply waving the card in front of the reader.
The great advantage of this technology is that it makes the transaction simpler and quicker.
Dual interface cards allow cardholders to provide personal identification, make payments or allow access without contact between the card and the reader.
However, RFID / NFC technology has a limit, RFID cards can be subject to theft of sensitive data. The approach of hi-tech pickpockets is often the same: they get close enough to be able to use a portable RFID or NFC device (like a POS devices), and transfer cardholder data to their device!

Card Security Sleeve is a protective sleeve created with a patented and certified material that contains a security barrier that protects the card from RFID/NFC chip reading.
Card Security Sleeve is ideal to protect sensible data contained in: Credit, debit and prepaid cards, ID cards, hotel room keys, public transportation passes, ski pass, etc.
Card Security Sleeve is also a useful gadget to offer to your customers, while using it to protect their cards they will carry your brand image.