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Gift Cards

Video and gift card production


Gift cards represent new trend and ‘must-have’ marketing tool provided by gift card suppliers. Video and gift card production constantly replaced old-fashioned paper gift vouchers. Promotional and gift card programs are among the most popular solutions for modern customers. They offer exceptional benefits providing true synthesis of creativity: blank printable greeting cards can be used as birthday and promotional gift cards or shopping vouchers to be used in the chosen store or as an incentive for companies.

Why choose gift card production by Publicenter:

  • Molded plastic is durable and enhances communication compared to paper materials
  • Value perceived by the consumer is multiplied, allowing sales growth
  • gift card programs provide value of reward and personal gratification: gift card is used to buy the superfluous, not what's needed
  • It can be recharged when the amount is exhausted
  • It allows autonomy of purchase and choice
  • It provides an incentive and may help promote the company
  • It is an innovative tool on which you can exercise great creativity using new materials and techniques for customizing 



Now it’s possible to enhance gift card with variety of personalized messages: from a written note to a picture or even a video! An gift card won’t simply be an inanimate object, but a unique expression of originality. Video gift card is easy to use - simply scan QR code or insert alphanumeric code in the webpage and record your message. You will be able to record a simple greeting, tell a story, sing a song or any other message you desire.
Anyone who receives video gift card will be able to view the message and even record a response. The greatest benefit is enriching gift with emotions as well as enhancing the customer experience for everyone involved.

video gift card