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Publicenter introduces FOODY: food compliant price tags ready in just a few seconds

Many shopkeepers and major food retailers have to display the price and/or allergen information on the shelves beside their display products. Traditional price tags, however, are often ineffective for a number of reasons. Firstly, the materials used, such as cardboard, are rarely resistant, so they get damaged quickly and have to be replaced often. The cards must also be written by hand, meaning someone with clear and legible handwriting must be found, while ink can cause stains and chalk can leave scratch marks.

To get around these problems, Publicenter came up with FOODY, a solution designed with the specific requirements of the food sector in mind.
FOODY comes with everything the shopkeeper needs to make their own food compliant price tags quickly and efficiently, right at the point of sale. It provides everything you need to make and print your own price tags in seconds:

  • Blank cards, made from white or black PVC and intended for use in the food sector - food compliant.
  • Sunlight Saturn price tag printer easy to use like a regular office printer, it comes in two versions, allowing you to print on one side or both.
  • Rainbow Light software to manage layout creation and card printing.
  • Ribbons for printing; designed for use in the food sector, and available in black or white - food compliant.
  • Holders for price tags of various shapes and sizes - food compliant.



  • Save time – a new price tag will be ready in a matter of seconds, and will last significantly longer, so replacements will be needed less frequently.
  • It allows you to improve your shop/point of sale’s image, by making the format and layout of all price tags uniform. Moreover, your counter will look tidy and professional.
  • Unlike handwriting, professionally printing the tags ensures the contents are clearer and more legible, while also allowing you to print images and logos and to declare the presence of allergens, as required by current legislations.
  • The use of a strong, long-lasting price tag allows it to withstand frequent handling, and can be washed without causing damage.
  • Resistant to humidity and water. Even if the tags are used in humid environments (such as ice cream shops, fishmongers, etc.) or come into contact with water, the impermeability of the PVC ensures they are not damaged.



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