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Protect your cards with the tamperproof security label

One of the additional benefits of choosing Publicenter’s products, is our advanced card shipment method, securing not only the card but the data contained within.

The card, after being applied to the carrier, is completely covered by a PLASTIC ADHESIVE making it inaccessible. The adhesive has the dual function of keeping the card attached to the carrier and protecting it from external elements that threaten its security. The card, protected as so, is then embossed and sent to the future owner.

This innovative solution allows for the application of an ADHESIVE PLASTIC LAYER OVER THE CARD, previously affixed on the carrier, that serves as an impermeable membrane, keeping the card attached to the carrier as well as protecting it from outside elements, especially those that threaten the security of the card and card holder's information. The label ensures PROTECTION FROM ANY ATTEMPT TO FRAUD thanks to its anti-tamper edge.

This new security label is Publicenter's response to the increased need for new security features for financial, healthcare, government, and insurance card issuance and mailing.
The label can be customized according to the customers' request, in addition ANTI-COUNTERFEITING FEATURES as holograms, micro text and security printings, can be integrated on the artwork to additionally increased security.

security label