Fulfilment & Packaging


Publicenter can offer tailored solutions for your business when searching for packaging of your gift card or fulfillment of wholesale card blanks whatever your needs: from the packaging of a single card (flow pack and wrapping) to the packaging image, used to enhance the visibility of your brand. Convenience, safety, image and communication. Our dedicated team supports you creating a customized solution and studying your needs in card personalization. Remember that: smart card and its packaging can give your company a modern and dynamic image and increase customer loyalty and feeling of belonging to your brand.

Fulfillment Solutions

Global Services Publicenter does not stop just at the card customization or its packaging, but can provide custom solutions, card in hand, which will allow you to easily reach with effectiveness and safety your retail or end users, spreading and improving the impact of your brand in the market.

Our fulfilment products are the ideal media for delivering cards to cardholders.
We present a complete range of smart solutions for card and inserts of different types (brochures & leaflets), providing even full packaging services. Value added services and new marketing tools for the customers!

Advantages of the card packaging

An integrated service of logistics and marketing, ranging from data management to advice graphic, from logistical assistance up to mailing to individual recipients, leads to an enormous saving in terms of time and costs as well as benefits such as:

  • production flexibility
  • time to market
  • traceability card


You will oversee the entire process from the personalization and packaging of the card up to their dispatch, without having any hassle!