Manufacturing solutions for scratch and Pay-TV cards


Publicenter provides ultimate range of solutions for telecommunication as scratch off cards and SIM card fulfillment, both for mobile and fixed-line. For 40 years Publicenter has been the leading manufacturer of scratch cards and vouchers, magnetic stripe and top-up cards for mobile phone, landlines and pay TV cards.

Our production of scratch cards corresponds to the highest standards offering effective and flexible solutions for telecommunication, brands, big companies as well as for small business. We focus on innovative solutions to stay in line with modern needs in rechargeable calling card or SIM card markets.

Perfect blend of technological solutions, research and project management allows for fast and high-quality manufacturing of top up, Pay TV cards, SIM card fulfillment, packaging and mailing services followed by national and international logistics with highest levels of security and efficiency. Publicenter also offer personalized scratch cards and vouchers for retail and promotional purpose.

Publicenter multi-purpose cards and high-technology products includes the following applications:

  • Prepaid cell phone top-up cards
  • Fixed-line telephony cards
  • Telephony credit cards
  • Multi-pin cards