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ID & Control Access Cards

Government cards and identification badges, access control cards and presence detection badges


Publicenter manufactures government ID cards for modern people circulation in line with security standards and norms requested by government institutions and public administrations. We stand out among card manufacturers supporting a wide range of applications: ID Cards, driving licenses, stay permits and more solutions.

Why choose Publicenter ID cards :

· new generation of extremely resistant materials like polycarbonate and Long Life PVC, guaranteeing an extended life cycle for the government ID card and maintenance of security features: guilloche, micro texts, wood ink, OVI ink, holograms, etc.

· extended personalization featuring cutting-edge technologies like lasers for permanent engraving that is virtually impossible to counterfeit.

· use of cutting edge technologies and innovations: MIFARE smart card, Calipso, Legic, I-class, I-code and all types of RFID access control.

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Access card manufacturing with Publicenter for identification and access control ensures high quality, security, and efficiency in whatever sector they are used. Customized printing of identification cards is ideal for access security which avoids codes, as well as for events, fairs, and clubs. They can also be used as PVC identity cards for hotels, prepaid dining, Sky Pass, company employee, RFID access control, student cards, electronic ticket, SkyPass or for small purchases on vending machines, photocopiers and pay-per-use machines.

The use of an identification badges, which uses RFID contacless technology such as Mifare, Calypso, i-Code, i-Class, Legic and others, is ideal for security access, to avoid queues, to use services or to attend events, trade shows, clubs, as an identification support and access control system. They can also be used as a card for billing drinks or small expenses, in vending machines, photocopiers or pay-per-use machines.

Calypso technology is also used for cards to open waste collection drawer.

Why print identity cards with Publicenter:

· use of latest generation of contact, contactless and dual interface technology

· high security standards



Government Institutions – Public Administration
Identity cards
Driving licenses
Social security cards
Stay permits
ID cards for senior citizens, the disabled, pensioners, military, immigrants ...
Certification cards for patents, temporary licenses...
Access ID badges for offices, warehouses ...
Car park cards

Car park badges and bus, metro tickets …
Operator badges
PVC ID badges for cars, vans, keys...

Tourism and Leisure
Passes for restaurants and bars in hotels
Access badges to historical centers, museums...
Cards for hotel car parks
Key access cards for hotel rooms
Ski passes
Sports club, car park access

Fairs and Events
ID Badges for workers and exhibitors
VIP cards, Press-cards
Badges for sports tournaments

Shops and Supermarkets
Access badges for shopping centers
Car park badges

Banks and insurance companies
Personnel badges
Customer, visitor badges
Employee badges
Customer, visitor badges

Clubs and Associations
Car park cards
Passes for restaurants and bars
Employee, member and subscriber badges
Visitor badges
Membership cards for swimming pools, gyms...
Certification cards for sports licenses

Access cards for hospital wards, laboratories ...
Car park cards
Badges for doctors, researchers
Badges for patients, visitors
Cards for appointment reservation centers

Schools and Institutes
Library cards
Personnel badges for teachers, students, employees
Library access cards
Prepaid photocopier card