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Publicenter is pleased to announce that it has accomplished the audit for PCI-DSS Certification

PCI-DSS certification is a prerequisite for companies like Publicenter that produce bank and financial cards operating on the international Visa and Mastercard circuits.

Publicenter obtained the certification back in 2005 and since then it has undergone important annual checks to achieve its renewal and in order to comply with the high physical and logical security standards to which it is subjected.

PCI-DSS is the acronym of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard was developed by the founding members of the PCI Security Standards Council, including the main International Circuits such as Visa International, Mastercard Worldwide and American Express.

International Circuits have made certification to the PCI - DSS Standard mandatory for all those who store and process bank and financial card data.

The standard consists of a set of technical and behavioral requirements, physical and logical, aimed at ensure the adoption of security and data protection measures for cardholders.