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New luxury effects for unique and unrepeatable cards!


Publicenter is pleased to introduce the new range of luxury and exclusive visual effects alongside the existing selection.

The range is now enriched with new designs and visual effects mainly inspired by natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, wood, glass which follow the most recent trends in fashion and design. The visual effects are unique and unrepeatable thanks to the production process that randomly generates patterns and three-dimensional visual effects. The infinite combinations of patterns that can be created allow for obtaining unique cards since no card will look the same as the other. The visual effects can be used on the entire surface of the card or integrated into the graphics to highlight shapes or images, enhancing their beauty, and giving depth, brightness and higher value to the card.

Mostly suitable for the retail sector for loyalty cards, gift cards, warranty cards, membership cards and more.

Choose the visual effect most in line with your brand to add value and uniqueness to your cards.

Glitter, glass, mother-of-pearl, wood, those are the available visual effects.