"There is no future in any job. The future lies in the man who holds the job" - George Crane.

Since its foundation in the Eighties, Publicenter has grown constantly in Italy's card market, investing in the latest technologies and expanding the production areas of its two facilities.

The continuous investments in upgrading processes and improving quality standards enable the firm to offer an ever-expanding range of products, to meet the requirements of all sectors, since like all over the world, in Italy cards are conquering larger and larger areas of application.

Publicenter, boosted by its past successes, is entering fast-growing new markets and increasing its market share in Europe.


Year of foundation: starts the activity of printing on special materials.


Agreements with several companies (among them Società Autostrade) handling the payment system of the highway toll by means of prepaid magnetic stripe cards (Viacard).


First contract with Telecom Italia Spa for the supply of prepaid magnetic stripe cards.

MF Group Spa acquires Publicenter Srl.


Publicenter doubles the production sites by means of the acquisition of Technicard System Spa, competitor company, which will be later incorporated in Publicenter Spa.


First step of the Investment Plan to increase the production capacity (200 ml cards / year) and commercial expansion on export markets.
Establishment (in Arcisate, Varese) of the first European plant entirely and exclusively dedicated to the production of prepaid cards (mostly for the telephony applications).


Certification ISO 9002:1994 for the plant in Arcisate.
Start of the production of prepaid scratch-off cards in the Arcisate plant.
First contract with TIM Spa for the supply of prepaid scratch-off cards.


First contract with Omnitel Pronto Italia (which will be acquired by Vodafone in 2002) for the supply of prepaid cards.
Telecom Italia Spa, acknowledging the reliability of its production, assigns entirely to Publicenter Spa the production of over 170.000.000 prepaid cards.


First contract with the Telecom operator Wind Spa for the supply of prepaid cards.


Telecom Italia Spa assigns entirely to Publicenter the whole production of 100.000.000 prepaid cards for the fix line.


Introduction of the smart cards (contact and contactless) in the production range.

New certification ISO 9001:2000 for both the manufacturing plants.

First supply of 100.000 chip cards in the Asian market.
Second step of the Investment plan to bring the production capacity to 500 ml cards / year.


New factory and offices in Rioveggio (Bologna).


Publicenter obtains the certification for the production in Italy of credit cards for VISA and MASTERCARD brands.


Publicenter entirely develop and produce the first EMV card in Italy on behalf of UNICREDIT.
Publicenter entirely develop and produce the first Banking Gift Card in Italy.

Publicenter produces and personalizes for the Lombardy region the first Italian national health card with Siemens dual interface technology. The solution has been developed in partnership with Siemens Informatica SpA.


introduces a new complete solution on the market that will make EMV migration easier!


Publicenter introduces CARD PASS and CARD IDENTITY, two new product lines dedicated respectively to RFID application and people identification.

Publicenter introduces CARD EXPERIENCE the new line of cards created from the will to engage the card holder in an emotional experience, activated by the evocative power of perfumes and colors.

Publicenter increases the range of GREEN materials. The new product the BIO CARD keeps the same physical-mechanical features and performances of PVC, while being completely biodegradable.

Publicenter introduces Long Life PVC an innovative material that far surpass standard PVC in the most needed qualities of an ID card: durability and resistance.

has been rewarded by obtaining the the Integrated Quality Management System ISO certification, a unique management of quality, environment and safety at work, in compliance with the standards: UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018