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A new international certification for PUBLICENTER

Publicenter has decided to face the challenges of the market more effectively by structuring its organization according to the internationally recognized ISO quality standards.

Publicenter promotes the diffusion of quality culture, the respect for the environment and the protection of health and safety in the workplace. Objectives not only to be achieved, but to be constantly improved in the awareness that they are extremely important for the growth and development of the company.

Publicenter launched a program to improve safety, health and environment system that involved all company activities and led to the review of internal processes.

Publicenter's commitment has been rewarded by obtaining the Integrated Quality Management System ISO certification, a unique management of quality, environment and safety at work, in compliance with the standards:

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015

UNI EN ISO 45001: 2018