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Publicenter has expanded its range of eco-friendly products: the DEGRADABLE PVC CARD!

We are pleased to inform that Publicenter has expanded its range of eco-friendly products. A new product is now available: the DEGRADABLE PVC CARD. The product is made of DEGRADABLE PVC a completely degradable and recyclable material, with reduced environmental impact

The DEGRADABLE PVC is an innovative material that offers a double benefit: the versatility of PVC with degradability.

The DEGRADABLE PVC ensure excellent print results, and maintains the same technical and physical characteristics of PVC. However it is made with an additional additives, that accelerate the degradability. These additives are able to transform the polymer molecule highly accelerating the process of degradability. This process occurs only in specific condition, such as compost or wet environment.

The DEGRADABLE PVC also has a low impact on the environment since the C02 emissions are lower than those associated with the production of traditional materials used for manufacturing cards. Its production also requires less use of crude oil and gross-energy.