Card Accessories


Badge holder accessories (like lanyard) meet a variety of requirements: to protect data, make company names or brands more visible and identify a shop’s or firm’s personnel. Moreover, if used as promotional gadget, they have a strong impact on participants of events, fairs and congresses conferences, guaranteeing effective advertising at low costs. Badge holder, used as promotional items, are a great tool for brand marketing. In addition, customized lanyard guarantee good publicity for your Company, at very low price.

The laynard of your Company , with your logo, can become a give away: an object handy, useful and colorful in order to keep personal belongings of your customer. Our dedicated team supports you creating a customized solution and studying your needs:

Publicenter provides a range of articles, badge holder and lanyard, to meet all tastes and preferences, as well as complying with the requirements for use in the different areas of card application:

  • Badge holders in rigid or semi-rigid plastic
  • Retractable badge, holders card, holder accessories
  • Bulldog clips
  • Lanyards for badge holders with hook and eyeclips
  • Lanyards for badge holders with carabinersclips...
  • and much more