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Custom promotional merchandising


30-year experience in the card business allow us to develop high quality yet affordable solutions in custom merchandising for modern companies turning plastic item into an effective promotional material  for memorable presentation. Our brand PRINT has become a leading pop-material production solution for printing on special materials like adhesives and static cling vinyl, metallic and holographic supports, PVC, PST, PET-G, PPL and PET-G lenticular. PRINT uses advanced technologies and equipment including offset printing of up to 6 colors with UV varnish and the last generation silk-screen printing machines, which work with both traditional and UV ink. We can offer a broad range of stickers and mouse pad: our knowledge guarantees you the high impact and highest quality of promotional merchandising you need.

To create and print products for custom merchandising in companies requiring promotional material you must take care of the smallest details in the production process: whether it's plastic item or custom gift card, printing on special materials the attention should be focused on every aspect helping to determine the quality of the final product.

Special technologies, like the hot lamination with two overlays, allow us to achieve end promotional merchandise products in unique glossy or opaque finishes, without having to give up on any aesthetic features. Graphic results of great effect are then obtained thanks to the possible combination of transparent laminated materials with offset printing and screen printing.

Our dedicated team supports you creating a custom merchandising solution in line with your needs.

Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Stickers
  • Mouse pads
  • Window stickers
  • Window transparencies
  • Price tags
  • Place mats