Loyalty Cards


Publicenter is a leading company in printing and manufacturing custom gift card, promotional card, loyalty card.


Any business flourishes when its customers come back over and over to purchase more products. But the business has to put in place some marketing strategies to retain its customers and to bring some new ones in. A Loyalty card is a powerful way to create a compelling reason for your customers to prefer your services over others and Publicenter is at the top of the gift, promotional and loyalty card suppliers, producing a wide variety of custom loyalty cards, which will go a long way towards strengthening your relationship with existing and new customers.

Obtain immediate benefits with Publicenter's loyalty and promotional cards!
Effective and essential for your brand, they are an important tool for customers loyalty or to provide special privileges.

Why choosing the loyalty cards by Publicenter:

  • Collection of personal data, habits and preferences of consumers in the development of one-to-one marketing strategies
  • Increased turnover: loyal customers gradually buy more and more expensive goods
  • Detailed analysis of the effects of the product on the consumer
  • Premium, discount, bonus programs
  • Reduced transaction costs which become automated, safe, simple and fast
  • The service becomes attribution of value added to the product without getting price higher
  • Visibility for the brand



Shops and Supermarkets
Customer card
Discount card
VIP card

Card rewards for frequent traveler ( frequent flyer )

Subscriptions to sports clubs
Card for museums, cinemas, theaters
Subscriptions to sports clubs

Travel and Tourism
Card discount travel
VIP card

Clubs and Associations
Discount card
Users, members or customers card

Card collection points