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Banks and Credit Institutions

Leader among payment card manufacturers


Standing out among credit card manufacturers, Publicenter can offer a wide range of solutions for payment EMV card production. Our company provides products and services for banking and financial spheres, offering solutions for payment systems featuring Visa and Mastercard cards with the advantage of the entire process being handled by a single operator.

Quality, security and reliability are the features that distinguish the production of Publicenter among payment card manufacturers offering MasterCard and Visa cards in compliance with the stringent EMV regulations which guarantee excellent standards of security in all stages of production.

In addition to the most widespread custom credit or debit cards with contact microchips, Publicenter provides credit card production with NFC and RFID chip. Thanks to RFID transaction occurs without contact, simply by putting the EMV chip card near the card reader with no need for a PIN. We also offer cards with Dual-Interface technology which work with both, contact and contactless systems.

The use of latest generation materials and technology in combination with the most innovative printing techniques from Publicenter allows banks and credit institutions to create unique and original cards that will implement loyalty schemes for customers.

Publicenter service bureau can also oversee the entire chip card production and personalization process including chip activation and encoding of the magnetic stripe.

To complete the offer of leading payment card manufacturer, Publicenter can offer you solutions for first-class creative packaging for your EMV cards, which will make your card even more attractive, as well as national and international logistics services.


  •     Credit- debit MasterCard and Visa card production
  •     ATM cards, ATM network cards and post office ATM network cards
  •     EMV cards
  •     RFID and NFC card production
  •     Dual-interface payment cards
  •     Prepaid cards
  •     Bank gift cards
  •     Loyalty cards and special VIP cards for customers
  •     GadgetFree cards for employees
  •     Access badges
  •     Access control cards
  •     ID badge.