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Publicenter Receives Mastercard CEC Certification for Sustainable rPVC Bank Cards

Publicenter, a leading provider of innovative card solutions, proudly announces its recent achievement of Mastercard Card Eco Certification (CEC) for its recycled PVC (rPVC) bank cards. This recognition marks a significant milestone in the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Mastercard's CEC certification
is a recognition of the Publicenter's dedication to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly card solutions. The rigorous certification process involved meticulous testing and adherence to stringent standards to ensure that the rPVC cards meet the necessary criteria for sustainability and performance.

Through this certification, Mastercard recognizes the tangible reductions in energy consumption, first-use material consumption, and carbon footprint achieved by Publicenter's rPVC bank cards. These cards offer quality and performance comparable to first use PVC while significantly reducing environmental impact.

This recognition underscores Publicenter’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in sustainable practices. The certification is in line with Publicenter's broader sustainability initiatives and principles of the circular economy. By offering recycled materials Publicenter promotes a circular economy by diverting plastic waste from landfills and reintroducing it into the production cycle, thus reducing the overall quantity of waste.

Mastercard's CEC certification
positions Publicenter as a leader in sustainable card solutions within the banking industry and beyond. The company looks forward to continuing its journey towards sustainability and driving positive environmental change through innovative and eco-friendly practices.