Publicenter produces cards for the transportation sector mainly using RFID technology, which has become more important for mass transportation programs.

The use of contactless smart cards involves several advantages such as the increase of security, the decrease of transaction times, the decrease of fraud, the lowering of transit operation management costs.

RFID technologies, majorly popularized as MIFARE and Calipso, allow the creation of high quality products.

In addition to public transportation cards, Publicenter produces parking cards, gas cards or tachograph cards, offering innovative solutions in order to satisfy the needs of a market in continuous evolution.

Multifunctional cards which juxtapose the supply of more than one service are extremely widespread.


  • Public transport cards: subway, buses, trams, motorway troll card, etc.
  • Other transport cards: river, sea, air transport, etc.
  • Administrators of public events tickets.
  • Identification tags for cars, vans, keys, etc.
  • Vehicle hire cards
  • Car-park cards
  • Prepaid motorway toll cards
  • Prepaid fuel purchase cards