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Blank Cards

Excellence of bland plastic cards from leader among PVC card suppliers



Publicenter is a leading company in  blank card production of different types, thicknesses and materials for any application. Blank smart card can be made with magnetic stripe, chip, signature panel and completed with different finishes.




PVC – we remain among leading PVC card suppliers offering recyclable plastic material recommended for all common card applications. Blank plastic cards are also available in various colors for full colored solutions in blue, green, red, orange, yellow, black, silver and gold.
PVC/ABS – A heat resistant PVC composed material and thus more durable.
PET-G – Has the same characteristics as PVC, but is considered to have a “lower environmental impact”.
POLYSTYRENE – Is a recyclable plastic similar to PVC, but considered to be a more economical option and therefore suitable for cards with a short life cycle.
POLYPROPYLENE – A "Low environmental impact" and recyclable material. Blank card in polypropylene is extremely durable and strong being also a low-cost alternative to PVC.
PVC/PET-G/PVC - The core of these bland plastic cards is made of PET-G and the outer layers are made of PVC. This combination ensures greater heat resistance, durability and optimal personalization characteristics.
GREEN MATERIALS - rPVC and rPET-G derived from recycled material. Ideal for entities most sensitive to environmental issues.

ISO/IEC international standards define the format of blank card production:
CR80 – 3.375" x 2.125" (85.6 mm x 54 mm).
CR90 – 3.62" x 2.36" (92 mm x 60 mm).
CR100 – 3.88" x 2.64" (98.5 mm x 67 mm).
Other form factors are available on request.

LAMINATED CARDS – The card body is made of several layers of laminated plastic sheets. From 0.0118" to 0.0322" (form 0.30 mm to 0.82 mm).
MONOLAYER CARDS – The card body is constructed using a single piece of plastic sheet (monolayer) - From 0.0118" to 0.0322" (form 0.30 mm to 0.82 mm)
MONOLAYER LAMINATED WITHOUT OVERLAY (PRESS POLISH) – The card body is constructed using a single piece of plastic sheet with lamination and without overlay.
From 0.0118" to 0.0322" (form 0.30 mm to 0.82 mm).

Three main types of mag stripe blank card is available:
The information encoded on a HiCo mag stripe card is more difficult to erase and therefore more suitable for a blank plastic cards frequently used and encoded with sensitive information such as a credit or debit card.

Smart cards, also known as chip cards, represent a sophisticated means of storage that allows for securely and flexibly storing a vast amount of information. These cards are equipped with an embedded microchip, which makes them programmable for adding, deleting, or rewriting the data they contain. There are various types of smart cards, but they are primarily divided into two categories: contact cards and contactless RFID cards.
Contactless RFID smart cards, as the name suggests, do not require a physical connection to a reader to transmit information. These contactless smart cards can be further classified based on the frequency of their chips:
Low-frequency chips (125 KHz): These chips are commonly used for access control applications, such as electronic badges for building or vehicle entry.
High-frequency chips (13.56 MHz): This type of chip is more versatile and is used in a wide range of applications, including contactless payment systems, public transportation, and personal identification in corporate and government environments.
UHF Ultra High Frequency chips (860 and 960 MHz): UHF, an English acronym for Ultra High Frequency, is an automatic wireless communication technology that allows data to be read over long distances.
On the other hand, contact smart cards are a type of smart card that requires a direct physical connection to a reader via electrical contacts to transmit and receive data.

A GLOSS FINISH is ultra-shiny whereas a MATTE FINISH has only a slight sheen, creating a slight dulling etc.
SIGNATURE CARDS – Where a signature is required.
SELF-ADHESIVE CARDS – To be attached on standard size blank plastic cards or other surfaces.
SLOT CUT-OUT CARDS – Standard CR80 blank cards with a slot cut-out for attachments or hanging.
KEYTAG CARDS – Standard CR80 cards with three scores and a hole punched in each tag. Other CR80 cards with different form factors are available upon request.

Cards are available shrink wrapped in packs of 100s or 500s in coated sleeves with or without top cover. Each sleeve is labelled with card type, quantity and lot number.