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Membership & Subscription Cards

Membership cards for museums, sport clubs and fitness centers


Publicenter is a leading company in manufacturing of customizazing membership cards. We offer services tailored to the needs of concrete venue like museum card or exhibition badges featuring highest level of customization, innovative printing techniques, manufacturing quality and security. Besides classic associations, direct marketing and subscription and loyalty programs we provide library, museum and sport club membership cards, fitness center badges as well as for all those clubs who need to supply the customer with an identification card in order to access their exclusive services.

Incentives and continuous motivation provided with membership cards lead customers to purchase and loyalty. Besides being classic permanent reminder of your product or service, they will definitely enhance sales in your funnel in line with modern marketing strategies.

Manufacturing membership pass we use latest generation materials and technology in combination with highest level of customization most innovative printing techniques.

Focusing on graphic and functional aspects, Publicenter products will help you to stay in line with requirements of a constantly evolving market. Substantial attention is paid to development of custom printing, new applications of plastic membership cards and increasingly innovative solutions.


  • Special Events and Leisure
  • Sport club membership cards
  • Cards for museums, cinemas and theatres
  • Exhibition badges
  • Pass badges
  • Club cards
  • Transport
  • Subscriptions for frequent flyers
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Travel discount vouchers
  • VIP cards
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Membership cards
  • Discount vouchers
  • User, member, customer cards