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Making great design for branded cards


Personalized card design creates modern and dynamic image of your company. We perfectly understand that graphic design for branded cards can influence each aspect of your brand appearance starting from correct representation of your philosophy and finishing with right sentiment of your clients.

Publicenter supports fresh look on plastic card providing unique design in line with individual needs of our clients. We offer graphic design for card personalization using latest technologies in order to satisfy the most sophisticated needs and realize bold marketing ideas and loyalty programs of our customers in line with innovative solutions.

Our 100% personalized card design service allows you to create unique card products in your chosen shape and colors for strong marketing and loyalty projects. Publicenter can support the customer in all the stages of card creation, starting with the definition of the graphic layout with the best communication impact for the intended target.

Publicenter graphic studio helps customers to develop and fulfil creative projects for branded cards design: from a simple layout to the most innovative packaging. We offer creative solutions that can enhance communication in various sectors for effective reach of end-users or retail clients.