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Publicenter invests in process automation with a view to industry 4.0!

Manufacturing data collection is a key factor for modern manufacturing process. A proper data management system ensures a realistic view of the company and the information to guide decisions and carry out proper production planning and avoid time-wasting and inefficiencies.

Publicenter has embraced an important investment to improve its competitiveness aware that decision-making readiness and a deep understanding of its own full production potential are crucial factors. The company has successfully implemented a new automatic production management software capable of collecting, integrating, and sharing information from each individual work phase.

Publicenter has thus increased information accuracy and has made it possible to have information in real time, to anticipate and avoid problems.

The project was built in accordance with the management and shared with the production operators, and finally tested and matched to each single station for a precise and timely data collection. The involvement of operational personnel proved to be an important factor for the success of the project.

The benefits are many, improvement in production planning, reduction in waste and non-productive time, and the maximization of the production process.

The new solution also allows us to remotely control production plants and have all the information synchronized throughout the company. It also grants us higher flexibility and an improved monitoring of delivery times, with a view to offering an increasingly targeted service to customers.