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Retail & Large-Scale-Distribution

Discount and fidelity cards production by Publicenter


We help brands in developing impressive and affordable loyalty programm by using shop loyalty cards. Affordable and high-quality services define our fidelity cards production among card manufacturers working in retail and large-scale distribution sectors. Retail cards and promotional vouchers can be used for many purposes. Today managing an independent sales point or a chain of shops requires more and more attention to the consumption and preferences of customers. Discount cards production for loyalty programs applying promotional card products represent the most efficient tool to get more purchases from a customer whether it is an independent sales point or organized large-scale distribution.

Publicenter, with many years of experience in the field of fidelity cards production, will assist you in choosing the best solution based on the requirements of your commercial activity. From collecting points to encourage regular customers with loyalty programs to more complex solutions such as customized multiservice cards that can affiliate more than one commercial activity together, offering a promotional or shop loyalty card with accumulated services of different types.

The collection of useful information with shop loyalty cards is indispensable not only for marketing strategy, but also for behaviour and for spending analytics for direct purchases and promotions.

Production of discount cards introduces further possible applications and innovative ideas for new areas of marketing sphere. Gift cards represent original voucher item of different values used in stores as an excellent communication tools. A large amount of solutions offered by Publicenter is perfect for production of tailored gift cards utilizing new materials and personalization techniques.


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