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Why you should offer your members a membership card

As membership card providers, we are often asked to explain what membership cards are, what are the benefits to clubs and associations, and how an organization can get the most out of a membership program.

Membership cards are provided to those who sign up to join a club or organization. Many of us enjoy the benefits of membership cards at clubs or associations every day, as they offer exclusive privileges or provide "members only" access to museums, theaters, gyms, zoos ... and the list goes on!

Why you should offer your members a membership card

If your association does not currently have a membership card for its members, here are some good reasons why a membership program can positively affect your business.

Exclusivity and safety for your areas
Membership cards can act as an identification card that grants your members access to exclusive areas or benefits, helping you keep areas safe and free from unwanted visitors. Your staff will be able to identify the person and know they are only giving access to an authorized member.

Sense of belonging for your members
Membership cards are a physical reminder to members that they are part of something that has a value for them… an organization, club or group that has meaning and purpose. For some people, the card is a tool to proudly show that they belong to a specific group, to stay up to date on what the association is doing and to participate in discussions, events or conferences.

Promote your business
When used, your membership cards are highly visible to members and to other people around them. This is a great opportunity to promote your business to new people who may not know your organization and a great opportunity to convert someone into a member. In addition, if you offer a membership card with a packaging or welcome kit, this is an additional tool to market your organization, club, or business. You can add leaflets and inserts and increase the advertising space to promote your business.

Monitor members' activity and collect data
When using a membership card with a chip, magnetic stripe, or barcode, you collect data each time the member uses it. You can track what they do most, if they attend an event, access a specific promotion, or make a purchase or any other activities you decide to activate. The data you collect can also help you to vehicle your marketing activities to specific target potentially interested.

These are just some of the benefits, but the list goes on.

So, as you can see, there are many advantages in offering a membership card. It can help build loyalty among your members and ensure renewal when the time comes. Publicenter as a reputable card vendor, will be pleased to guide you in setting up your membership program.

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