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LL-PVC and PETF, durable card for high-end security cards

ID cards and government cards are growing in use and sophistication for many applications. The life cycle of these cards is usually 10 years, thus having to resist alterations, like “bad handling” by some careless users. Card manufacturers need to offer the most secure, durable, and resistant cards, that is why Publicenter has chosen Long Life PVC.

Long Life PVC has many positive properties that are necessary for this ID application. It has excellent durability, high thermal stability and excellent printability. These features allow Long Life PVC to far surpass standard PVC in the most needed qualities of an ID card: durability and resistance.
Long Life PVC identity cards can incorporate all security features: micro texts, guilloches, wood inks, variable inks (OVIs), holograms, etc. and are available with a choice of interfaces: contact, contactless, hybrid and dual interface.

Personalization with the card holder’s information is commonly performed with laser engraving which results in a permanent mark, virtually impossible to counterfeit. Long Life PVC cards can also include color photos, made by direct printing or re-transfer printing.

From now the identification cards have an even longer life thanks to the application of a second PETF overlay, which makes the card even more durable

The PETF is a transparent film in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), characterized by an excellent strength. By adding a second overlay in PETF to your card you will increases the card's durability and anti-counterfeiting security.

LL-PVC and Petf