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Publicenter is now a signatory to the United Nations (UN) Global Compact

Publicenter is now among the approximately 12,000 companies and non-business organizations who have signed the UN Global Compact. This commits Publicenter to promote the ten principles of the UN Global Compact within its sphere of influence.

This involves establishing these principles as active parts of our day-to-day operations and organizational culture, and supporting the principles in relation to stakeholders such as partners and customers.

global compact

What is the United Nations Global Compact?

The UN Global Compact is a United Nations strategic policy initiative, officially launched in 2000 by Kofi Annan, to encourage businesses worldwide to embrace sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their achievement.

Companies who enter the UN Global Compact commit themselves to aligning their strategies and operations with ten universally accepted principles. These ten principles cover a set of fundamental values in different areas including:

• Human rights
• Labour standards
• Environmental safeguard
• Anti-corruption

The UN Global Compact works toward the vision of a sustainable and inclusive global economy where markets, commerce, technology and finance evolve in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere.

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