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Holographic effect

More securitiy with the the new holographic effect!


We are pleased to inform you that a new holographic security feature for card personalization is now available. The holographic effect is characterized by a very thin weave that creates optical refraction effects which cause the image to look very similar to a standard hologram.

The holographic image can be customized to meet your needs and requirements. You can create textures with repeated standard or custom designs such as geometric patterns, floral patterns, abstracts, text, logos and much more.

The holographic effect is a security feature and anti-counterfeiting safeguard. It is the most commonly used method for ID card security today, and thanks to the wide variety of graphics that can be created, it is also suitable for retail applications, such as warranty cards to protect trademarks and brands or simply as a decorative element to create a unique card.

The holographic effect is similar to a standard hologram, but with an advantageous price point.