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Publicenter r-PETG Banking Card awarded the Mastercard Card Eco Certification (CEC)

Recycled PETG (rPET) bank cards produced by Publicenter have been awarded the Sustainability Badge issued by the Mastercard Card Eco Certification scheme (CEC).

Mastercard CEC certifies actual reduction of energy consumption, material consumption, and carbon footprint, by using latest industry benchmarks. Mastercard has launched the sustainability badge, helping consumers to identify cards produced in a more sustainably process, using materials with lower environmental impact.

PETG is widely and successfully used by the bank industry and others; being a material which does not release hazardous during its entire life cycle.

r-PETG does not contain harmful chlorine-based chemicals, has faster degradability, and almost infinite recyclability. It is strong, easily moldable, and is manufactured using a more environmentally friendly process compared to other traditional materials, having the same performance and durability as traditional PVC.

Moreover, as cards are made from recycled material, the process contributes to the circular economy while reduces first-use material consumption during production.

It is therefore clear that cards made from r-PETG become a largely more sustainable product if compared to traditional plastic card materials.

The card made of R-PERG is CEC certified for its contribution in reducing: