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Publicenter introduces the new antimicrobial card, increased hygiene and safety for your cards

In times of unprecedented uncertainty, we must all do our best to make the environment a safer place. As we continually adjust to a new normal, all industries are taking steps to provide their customers with new and better ways to continue operating with higher confidence.

Consumers are careful to contact with surfaces for the possible transmission of pathogens agents. Every surface that is touched can in fact be a fertile ground for bacteria and viruses, and cards, especially if used very often such as bank cards or loyalty cards, are no exception. The use and passing from hand to hand can facilitate the transmission of pathogens, and some of them can remain on the surface even for a long time.

To meet the growing need for higher level of hygiene and safety Publicenter has created the antimicrobial card. First of its kind in Italy, the card is made with a new formulation that contains agents that help to counteract the growth of microorganisms on its surface. The agents inside the card have an antimicrobial action which fosters the elimination of bacteria and viruses (Coronavirus) present on the surface of the card.

Ideal for applications where the use of cards is frequent, for example, bank cards or loyalty cards, or for applications where hygiene plays an important role, such as cards used in healthcare or schools. More generally, for those who want to offer their customers a higher level of hygiene and safety.

The efficacy is continuous, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and on both sides of the card. The antimicrobial agents are inside the PVC, this allows the card to keep its properties unaltered over time, even in the face of frequent use and the abrasiveness of the surfaces with which the card comes in contact.

This new technology has been tested by prestigious laboratories, to certify its effectiveness, following the rigorous international standards: ISO 22196 and ISO 21702.