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Publicenter Video Gift Card: Add Excitement to your Gift Card

Gift cards are gaining popularity, more and more brands are offering gift cards, and there has been an increase in the number of consumers opting for their use. Gift cards are ideal when someone’s tastes are unknown or when you simply want to let the person decide what to choose as a present. Although sometimes gift cards are considered impersonal, unable to express the adequate message and emotions that incite someone to go shopping. Everything changes from here on out! Now it’s possible to add a personalized message, choosing from a written note, to a picture or even a video! A gift card wont simply be an inanimate object, but a unique expression of originality.

It is easy to use, simply scan the QR code or insert the alphanumeric code in the webpage and record your message. You will be able to record a simple greeting, tell a story, sing a song or any other message you desire.

Whoever receives the card will be able to view the message and even record a response. The greatest benefit is that of enriching a gift with emotions, while enhancing the customer experience for everyone involved.

Multiple advantages for brands that choose to activate Video Gift Cards.

1. Online and Offline interaction. In a time when everything “digital” gains more relevance in our everyday life, the ties between the digital world and the offline world create added value. Video gift cards offer the advantage of the virtual world by allowing to create videos, photos and messages, without losing the tangibility of a physical gift.

2. Higher brand visibility. Interfaces will be fully customized with a brand’s colors and logo, to guarantee maximum brand exposure. It will also be possible to add promo messages as well as the opportunity to tell a brand’s story.

3. Advantages in terms of data acquisition. Users will be asked to provide their email address; Their geolocation will be tracked every time the gift card is used for a purchase, which is useful to analyze the customer’s habits. The acquired data can be used for further marketing actions.

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