Card Experience

Card Experience, unique cards that will excite you!



...spread emotions with the CARD EXPERIENCE line

The CARD EXPERIENCE line is created to involve the card owner in a real emotional experience, through the stimulation of the senses and the mind by perfumes, colors and tactile effects.

Publicenter has put all its experience into creating this innovative product line. The offer includes a wide range of unique card types with a strong emotional and communicative impact: scented cards, metallized cards, cards with iridescent effects, 3D and lenticular cards, soft touch cards, colored PVC cards, transparent cards, cards with perlescent effect and much more.

…luxury stile without equal


New pattern and effects mainly inspired by natural materials such as MOTHER-OF-PEARL, WOOD, GLASS which follow the most recent trends in fashion and design. The effects are unique and unrepeatable thanks to the production process that randomly generates patterns and three-dimensional effects, no card will look the same as the other.

...stand out of the crowd!


The card is enriched with an amazing tactile and visual effect. By touching the card you will recognize the materials represented: the brushed of the metal, the wrinkled orange peel, the relief of the crocodile skin or of the honeycomb. ORANGE PEEL, BRUSHED METAL, SKIN, HONEYCOMB these are the available effects.

...leave your mark

effetto profondità
The depth effect is an amazing and elegant effect that is obtained with a particular process that creates the illusion of depth and movement. It can be achieved on cards with a metallized base with medium-large metal particles.

...give color to your wallet

A range of colored cores (red, orange, green, blue and black) suitable for any type of application. Choosing the color that is more in line with your brand you will stand out from the crowd.

...incomparable brightness and lightnesscard specchiata

A special mirrored effect gives great brightness and light to the colors of the card. Ideal for highlight the graphics of the card, and perfect for any type of application.

...recognize it blindfoldedcard profumata
A wide range of perfumes applied in overprint are released when the surface of the card is scratched.

...touch the differencemattandgloss
The combination of glossy and matt finishes create an original relief effect. Perfect for highlighting a detail, a logo or a text. Being difficult to reproduce it is useful as an element of security for your card.

...intense and changing colors

card cangiante

The printed colors, in addition to being more brilliant and with a mirrored/metallic effect, change their shades and intensity depending on the different incidence of light.

...look beyond the cardcard trasparente

From total transparency to semi-transparency, applicable on the whole card or part of it, compatibly with the graphic elements.

...breathe life to images


Allows you to enhance an image, a logo or a text thru the illusion of depth or creating a movement effect when the image is viewed from different angles.

...velvet in your handssoft touch
A special paint gives a soft and velvety effect to the surface of the card for a tactile satisfying feeling. The area where the paint is applied will assume an opaque, deep and strong effect.

...sophistication and uniquenessstampa a caldo
The hot stamping is a particular process that uses heat, pressure and a foil film. You can combined multiple colors and effects with any type of graphics to embellish the card.

...sparkle and shineglitter
The cards with this glitter and perlescent effect are made with a printing process of a layer of brilliant color, with a metallic dot effect that partially reflects the incident light.