Add value to your cards with foil

Hot stamping (color layering) is an innovative method to create cards with an infinite variety of colors, graphic effects, logos and designs. Color is laid onto the card, using color foils that are applied onto the card using a hot stamping process.

The process is done with the use of a dedicated hot stamping machine. The color foil is transferred to the card stock by using a heat and press process which seamlessly transfers the foil image to the card stock.

The color foil can be applied ON TOP AND UNDER THE external LAMINATION OVERLAY.

Hot stamping ON TOP OF THE LAMINATION OVERLAY, beyond it being very eye-catching, is also attractive to the touch, since a slight relief can be felt on the areas where the foil was applied.

Hot stamping UNDER THE LAMINATION OVERLAY, instead offers superior durability, as the foil applied onto the card is protected by the overlay itself. The foil image will thus be lasting for the life of the card. In this case it doesn’t just have an esthetic value, but it can be considered as a security feature as it will be extremely difficult to reproduce or counterfeit the card. This is particularly suitable for secure Banking and ID applications.

A variety of foil colors are available and suitable for any type of graphics. The foil in both solutions can be applied edge-to-edge, it is possible to reproduce intricate graphics that extend all the way to the borders of the card.