No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an entire orchestra to play it - HE Luccock

Today, we are in a Theater, THE CELEBRATIONS, lit by a sun that is injected under the arcades from the center of Bologna, continue to San Luca. The atmosphere inside is very warm, the velvet and the red armchairs embrace us immediately, even before the people arrive. Master Giorgio Fabbri takes on the stage, gently, singing and playing the piano, amidst the amazement of the participants. From here there will be a crescendo, as the hours pass, the alchemy that music produces envelops us completely, leaving out thoughts and worries of everyday life and work. People join in on the project, work together, let themselves be carried away by the Maestro’s music. The evening falls without warning ... . time has flown !!!

A Team Building turning this, where all the people of the company clashed with each other, with the awareness that it is possible:
Get along together
• Respect
• Have fun
• Quickly reaching common goals