CULTURAL TRIP: Museum of Bologna’s Industrial Patrimony

A masterly guided visit to the Museum of Industrial Heritage in Bologna, immersed in the history of our city. An injection of enthusiasm, a desire to learn, looking at small steps back in time, reaching up to the sixteenth century . Bologna was the capital of silk thread processing, the territory within the walls was crossed by a dense network of canals, which used the waters of the Rhine and the Apse, exploiting the slope between the hills and the plain sloping toward the valleys, the sea and Venice.

Sixty meters to give power and power to feed hundreds of water mills, the source of the movement for as many chassis, as secret stars of every home, wonderful and perfect. A business that provided wealth to the city, populous and populated by 500,000 people, industrious and active, until, for historical and political reasons, Bologna collapses, having no alternative productions, leaving it to bringing back innovative ideas; crossed decades of economic crisis, unemployment and widespread poverty, epidemics and delinquency. In 1842, the first signs of a recovery: by generous testamentary legacies Giovanni Aldini and Luigi Valeriani give birth to the homonymous "SAPER FARE" school that generates genious and concrete men, inventors of the future, in the decades to come.

Men of the early 20th century industrial and economic change in our territory:
CORAZZA, CARPIGIANI, SERAGNOLI and then again ... MARZOCCHI, VERLICCHI, DUCATI, MINARELLI, MASERATI, MORINI ... etc. It is therefore through the formation of a new FORM, composed half by knowledge, and by applying a hands on approach, that Bologna and the surrounding area, revives, giving life, history and future to new economies, new forms of industry, new trades, renewed well-being. A lesson from history, our history, a magnifying glass on the reasons that may impoverish a people, the lack of ideas and innovation, and the reasons that can lead to WELLNESS: to shape the dreams of men, their visions , armed only with the courage to change.

Nourished by new SAPERS, seduced and invaded by knowledge, the engine of creativity and bud of the future.

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