COLORS OF LIFE, this is the theme for the first photography contest promoted by Publicenter

Colors of Life is the main theme for Publicenter’s staff members first photography contest. The idea was born as a game, by a small group of people during a broad training event the company participates in for a few years now.

The contest has been entitled “Christine Alouet” to commemorate a colleague who recently passed and is associated to a fundraiser, which received donations from every employee. The funds raised were donated to ANT, with the intention to lend a helping hand to others fighting the terrible disease that struck Christine.

This choice has made the contest more EMOTIONAL and most FAIR! All staff members were curious at first and took initiative to participate with enthusiasm, fishing for dated pictures they might find in a drawer at home or by snapping new pictures, all while showcasing a sense of solidarity and initiative.

73 photographs were submitted in total, each jam packed with passion, revealing interests and aspects of each colleague’s personalities, perhaps unknown and not externalized during the work day.

What emerged from Publicenter’s wonderful staff was competence, professionalism but also personality, attitudes and personal interests.

An external jury composed by professionals from a local studio, Foto Victor di Marzabotto (BO) reviewed all the photographs submitted and prized Tiziana degli Esposti (HR Department)

i° premio CF

You should always have Ithaca in mind, your goal is to reach it. But do not hurry your voyage, it is best if you prolong it…It was Ithaca who offered this journey. Without her you would have never left. (Costantinos Kavafis – ITHACA)

Jury’s motivation: The Contraposition between the boy and his work of art naturally showcases the essence of life, while enthusiastic and fragile, surprising in its deliquiate balance: a young life, still surrounded by the blue of youth from who’s eyes let prepotency emerge as the desire to discover, which will come to fill his existence with tints of new and undiscovered emotions.

The internal jury instead, assigned the highest position on the podium to Antonio Spata (Technical Department)

II° premio CF

Young father cuts his weeks-old newborn baby girl’s nails for the first time.

Jury’s motivation: The father’s hands which encounter his daughter’s, exemplarily represent the marvel that is life which is handed down and the colors of which it will be filled with thanks to the love of fellow human beings.